Acmlm's board was the main board for people running the Acmlm board engine. Many people who had an Acmlm board (at that time, given away rather than through a download like now) were registered there. It was also noted for rom hacking, mean staff and numerous fights among people. The board ceased operations in 2007 after a six year stint.

Bugs Edit

Acmlm's board stware is also perhaps known for all the bugs and vulnerabilities found in the code and for the fact you can't run it on 2017 era hosts and that finding an early to mid 2000's themed host (one that supports the php needed) is almost, if not completely impossible. If you want to use Acmlm's board software, you'd have to completely overhaul the code by finding the 2017 equivalent of the Acmlm board code. A perhaps notable indirect bashing of the Acmlm board software goes to Xeogred (Owner of xeogaming as Xeoman and registered user on vizzed) who said in Davideo7's $500 to invest into something thread to "Switch to phpbb." Davideo7 would reply later with this "What's ironic with what Xeogred said is that he himself uses Acmlm Board and does not use PHPBB but yet is promoting it lol.."[1]

Rom hacking Edit

Acmlm's board was perhaps known for it's rom hacking community as well. In the I3 version of the board, the forums required approval to post in.

Naming system Edit

Acmlm's board follows a naming system that begins with I and ends with a number (I3 for instance stands for the third incarnation of Acmlm's board) It technically stops at I3 but if you consider Board2 as a reincarnation of Acmlm's board then it goes to I4

Archives Edit

Acmlm's board has three archives known as Archive 1, Archive 2 and Archive 3. Putting these at the end of such as will take you to an archived version of acmlm's board. Archive 1 404's when you try to go there. Not sure if wayback machine has an archive of I1 or not.

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